23 Jun 2013

Soda Labels

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Found recently interesting collection from my wife — 25 old paper labels from soda drinks, the taste of our childhood. Click on pictures to enlarge.

09 Mar 2013

Bombshelter 1959

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During my wild youth, me and my friends often liked to visit and sometimes even live in different crazy places. This is a technical certificate of abandoned civil defense bombshelter in the city center, signed from 1959…

11 Nov 2012

Cube Backstage

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Here is several photos from ‘The Mirror Cube’ video backstage. For this video I made a simple holder for the iPhone from the guitar stand and a pair of office rubber bands. Then I fix tripod legs on floor with scotch tape to prevent moving during shooting.

11 Nov 2012

School Maze ’92

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In 1992, when I was 14 years old, bored on lessons at school I drew these maze games. Sectional labyrinths of the pyramids. Click on photos to open hi-resolution images for print.

13 Jun 2011

The Mirror Cube

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Watch a little video about Rubik’s mirror cube. I try to revive cube character in this stop-motion video with it’s crazy architectural forms. Music also was especially made for synchronization with animation. Created with iPhone, iMotion HD, Cubase SX3 and Sony Vegas 9.

02 Jun 2011

Lens for iPhone

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I always interested of an idea how to adapt my old lens Helios from the photocamera Zenith and my iPhone camera to make soft, analog effect when shooting.

02 Jun 2011

Gmailphone stand

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Simple stand for the phone from the snake puzzle. Varable tilt angle (45° or 60°). Recently occupies a permanent place on my desktop. Just see the photos:

21 May 2011

Lunch break dancer

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In general terms, I would like to tell about creating my ActiveDen Lunch Break dancer animation. This is vector sequense which I made with 3DS Max help. First we must build the geometry of the future dancer. Because our character is strongly formalized there no needed small details

05 Apr 2011

Varikon 7×7

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In this category, I will post a short overview videos of coolest puzzles from my small collection. Periodically I get new toys, from my frends or just buying them myself. Almost all of them I can solve, but some puzzles still not be done by my low-speed brain microprocessor.

05 Apr 2011


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Periodically, I have a need to leave my desktop computer Krista switched on for a long time. When she render animated 3D scenes or download something big from internet. In this case, I’m just turning off the monitors and go to ride a bicycle. And to make it clear to my families that

19 Oct 2010

This Site Header

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From the very beginning I wanted to make the header is fully hand-drawn. To do this, I initially decided to prepare a rough storyboard in Flash. I used a Wacom tablet to make a simple frame by frame sketch with 20 frames.