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02 Jun 2011
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I always interested of an idea how to adapt my old lens Helios from the photocamera Zenith and my iPhone camera to make soft, analog effect when shooting.

This lens and adapter rings for macrophotography:

iphone lens

After reading an article about using a small lens of the CD drive as an adapter for the lens from Canon, I decided to try to build some kind of construction, but in half of this way after some tests I realized that in my case it does not work quite right. I made a telephoto lens with a very strong vignetting.

Look at this unfinished structure – it looks like an element of the arkanoid game. :)

iphone lens

Then I decided not particularly bother and just append the phone to the lens using the focus system of the camera Zenith itself as the adapter to the lens. It is not ideal, more than half of useful space on photos is lost.

iphone lens

iphone lens

But overall I got exactly what he wanted – a great DOF, low quality pictures (it was needed for a photos in DIY article), dust and scratches on the mirror viewfinder and excellent color effect of chromatic aberrations. Please, look at photos and video in this post — some of them reminded me of viewing slides in a darkened room when I was a child, isn’t it? And I checked by the way, it’s very fun to talk on street with such device near your ear. 8)

5 Responses to “Lens for iPhone”

  1. Protey says:

    от ты креативишь )))))))))))))

  2. Tavis says:

    that’s a good way to get the film look without the film. Great job!

  3. Fireform says:

    Awesome work! Привет с ThemeForest :)

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