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19 Oct 2010
how it was made? 2 Comments

From the very beginning I wanted to make the header is fully hand-drawn. To do this, I initially decided to prepare a rough storyboard in Flash. I used a Wacom tablet to make a simple frame by frame sketch with 20 frames. I planned to use this sequence in jQuery slider with very long delay between frames (near 0.5-1 fps) and with simple fade to make a hypnotic slow-motion effect. This is draft sequence in process:


After the storyboard was finished I printed all the frames on a standard A4 sheets:


Piece of glass and light ‒ simplest light table:


Attach printed draft with scotch tape, then attach a blank sheet of paper and outline pictures with pencil. Thus I finishing the storyboard.


After that I scanned clean storyboard:


Then combined all the frames in photoshop layers…


…and painted with a hard brush using multiply mode:


That’s it! You can see below flash animation with 1 fps, or look at clean jQuery this site header with approx 0.5 fps.

This movie requires Flash Player 9

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2 Responses to “This Site Header”

  1. Nancy Young says:

    I like it, thanks ;) you’re doing a great job!

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