The Mirror Cube

13 Jun 2011
to puzzle! 4 Comments

Watch a little video about Rubik’s mirror cube. I try to revive cube character in this stop-motion video with it’s crazy architectural forms. Music also was especially made for synchronization with animation. Created with iPhone, iMotion HD, Cubase SX3 and Sony Vegas 9. Be sure to turn on the HD in video player.


© video and music — Kontramax 2011

Also look photos from backstage of Mirror Cube.

Heeeyy! This video vas included in list on official site iMotion HD from Fingerlab!

4 Responses to “The Mirror Cube”

  1. Labchevsky says:

    Макс! Посмотрел, наконец-то, твое видео с кубиком. Ты – гений!

  2. Design says:

    beautiful design!

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