Varikon 7×7

05 Apr 2011
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In this category, I will post a short overview videos of coolest puzzles from my small collection. Periodically I get new toys, from my frends or just buying them myself. Almost all of them I can solve, but some puzzles still not be done by my low-speed brain microprocessor. And first puzzle in my collection is Varikon, I beg to love and favor. Due to the same ratio of colors (7 balls x 7 colors) it can be solved in two versions — horizontal and vertical:

© video and music — Kontramax 2011

5 Responses to “Varikon 7×7”

  1. Labchevsky says:

    Ловлю себя на мысли, что хочу это чудо пересмотреть заново. Что и делаю…

  2. Ming says:

    When and where was the 7-coloured varikon made or invented?
    I’ve got a 5 varikon. I would like to know where can buy the 7 varikon now?

  3. Ming says:

    Ok, thanks!

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