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03 Apr 2011
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Complete, hand-drawn from 3D, design intro HTML page with XML adjustable logo, multiline slogan with tag support, colors and redirect URL link after end. You can choose two ways after animation end: first is movie stops and Replay and Continue buttons appears, logo also clickable like Continue button. Second way is no any buttons, and movie paused with XML – specified time in seconds and then load your URL. Animation centered in browser window. You can purchase this file on Activeden.

Since February 2016 was closed by Envato, so now you can download sources of this animation here for free and use it as you want!

Click on picture for preview animation (in new window):

Designer Intro XML-driven

Designer Flash Intro (ZIP 11.9 Mb)


- Ready to upload index.html page with animation centered in browser.

- Music also included in archive (mp3/44khz/192 kbps). Look at help file how to change music to your own.

- You can change logo, logo size, slogan, colors of background, outlines and buttons without recompile original .fla file.

- Archive include templates for inserting your logo in .fla, .psd, .jpeg format.

- Fully vectorized and can be flexible resized. Thin outline (0.5pix) let scale with a supply of quality.

- Two .FLA versions, for Flash 8 and Flash CS3 .

- Build-in preloader with skip button.

- Help file.

- 24 fps.


Files included: FLA , SWF, HTML , JS, XML , PSD, JPG , MP3

3 Responses to “Designer Intro”

  1. Walter says:

    Hello, i love this animation, “designer intro” and i wonder if it’s possible that you can make something similar or more simple, it would be for my site’s intro about a company of build’s building.

    if it is possible i need you tell me the cost and method of payment.

    It would be great that you can make the animation, because i love your works.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Kontramax says:

    Hi! Thanks, please read the ‘contact’ page here.

  3. Guest says:

    Awesome and fantastic work!

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