Liquid Drops

19 Jul 2011
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Five vectorized liquid drops animations with three motion speed – slow, medium and fast. This is frame-by-frame vector sequences with filters applied to it for different skins. There are several skins available: water, pomegranate, molten steel, milk, mercury, car paint, ocean, mud, acid.

Since February 2016 was closed by Envato, so now you can download sources of this animation here for free and use it as you want!

Liquid Drops Animation (ZIP 17 Mb)


- Set of 5 silhouettes animations, vectorized and colorized with 9 skins.

- You can change any colors or effects.

- Just copy/paste animation movieclip into your project and change style using filters or blend modes.

- 3 motion speed (slow, medium, fast).

- Versions for Flash CS3 and Flash 8 included.

- 24 fps

- Help file with link to video tutorial

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  1. Guest says:

    Crazy awesome! Simply unique work.

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