Spirograph Loader

03 Apr 2011
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15 spirals types x 5 different colors for 2 types of backgrounds (light and dark) = 150 different *.fla files. You can purchase this file on Activeden.

Since February 2016 Activeden.net was closed by Envato, so now you can download sources of this animation here for free and use it as you want!

15 Spirograph Preloaders (ZIP 5.6 Mb)


- Each preloader weight from 10kb to 16kB.

- Ready to use, just copy/paste and change color/filters if you wish (see help.file).

- Fully vectorized and can be flexible resized.

- Fine quality looped spiral sequences let use them in other animations in different combinations.

- System font for percents text.

- Detailed help file in FAQ-style.


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  1. Guest says:

    Wow! What` s talented beauty do you do! Great and swesom!

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