Sculptor Card

08 Apr 2011
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Animated and sounded Valentine’s Day card. HTML page template with XML custom external music and adjustable multiline greeting text block with tags support. Animation with parallax effect centered in browser window. You can purchase this file on Activeden.

Since February 2016 was closed by Envato, so now you can download sources of this animation here for free and use it as you want!

Click on picture for preview animation (in new window):

Valentine's Day Sculptor Card

Valentine Sculptor Flash Card (ZIP 4.6 Mb)


- Parallax effect depends from _xmouse.

- Ready to upload index.html page with animation centered in browser.

- Easy to use, you can edit music file and greeting text without recompile original .FLA file.

- MP3 sound included in archive.

- Fully vector.

- Two .FLA versions, for Flash 8 and Flash CS3 .

- Version without XML also included in archive, just all-in-one-file animation.

- Help file.

- 30 fps.

Warning note: Free font GoodDog not included in archive file! That is don’t matter if you will use .SWF with XML on your site, but if you want to change source .FLA file you need to download this font or use another font your want.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to rate this file!

Files included: FLA , SWF, HTML , JS, XML , DOC, MP3

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