3D Sketcher

16 Oct 2011
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Actions pack for Adobe Illustrator CS3 and above. There 6 hand-drawn action styles (Grass, Hair, Knot, Plain, Stone and Wool) with 3 types (light, medium, bold) and 8 extrude directions (BR – bottom-right, R – right, TR – top-right, T – top, TL – top-left, L – left, BL – bottom-left, B – bottom). 144 actions overall!

HD video demo how it works:

© video and music — Kontramax 2011

Click on picture for purchase file on Graphicriver (in new window):

3D Sketcher - Vector Actions Pack

Simple to use:

1. Open template with all styles and patterns.

2. Load actions.

3. Type any text, any font, add graphic shapes then select it.

4. Play action and wait for sketcher finish. Done!

Use it as vector in Illustrator or copy/pase as vector smart object into Photoshop.

Files included:

AI – illustrator template

AIA – illustrator actions

ASE – illustrator swatches

TXT – help file

Enjoy and please don’t forget to rate this file!

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