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27 Apr 2013
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Coming Soon Machine – this is one of my flash animations re-designed to HTML5 with help of CreateJS. Hand-drawn animated letters “coming soon” with customizable logo integrated on tv-screen, jQuery countdown timer, 2 skins (light and dark). Cartoon retro-styled mechanism animation centered in browser window. Your logo is clickable with custom URL.

Click on picture for preview on Themeforest (in new window):

Coming Soon Machine - Animated HTML5 Template


- Classic cartoon frame-by-frame animation with countdown timer.

- Ready to upload index.html page with animation centered in browser.

- 2 Skins (light and dark).

- Archive include original flash animation .FLA and photoshop .PSD sources.

- Dummy page with static picture for IE8 and older versions.

- Detailed help file and commented code.


Due to CreateJS requires the HTML5 Canvas, which is not available for IE8 and other older browsers, in this theme I add dummy fallback page with non-animated .jpg machine picture and alert message.

Hope you enjoy this file, and take a few seconds to rate and share it.



Fonts Roboto and Sniglet from Google Fonts http://www.google.com/fonts/

CreateJS http://www.createjs.com/

jQuery Countdown Plugin by Keith Wood http://keith-wood.name/countdown.html


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