Rigterink Card

Small animated Christmas flash card for Rigterink Logistik GmbH & Co. company based in Nordhorn, Germany

Hirschmann Card

Animated Christmas e-card for company Hirschmann (a Belden brand) – company is engaged in mobile machine control

Heimann Card

Heimann software helps elves to deliver presents to the earth. Christmas e-card for company Heimann Engineering – software

Eisbär Xmas Card

Polar bear after ocean swimming hurry to Christmas celebration with their friends. Christmas e-card for company Eisbär

Medi for help

Give your smile for Haiti – this is small video-slideshow for a company that provides charitable medical care to affected


Gluco-test vector presentation — device for measuring the amount of sugar in the blood. Made with 3DS Max, Illustrate plugin, Flash.


Online game design and animation for chocolate candy store. Imagine yourself the owner of the candy shop. The purpose of

Suggy Animation

Little presentation explaining what is Suggy and how it works. Made with Illustrator and Flash.


Offline exhibition 3D presentations for company specializing in mobile refrigeration, power supply systems and

Waeco Card 2010

Santa’s reindeer refuse to go to work and hold a strike without the mobile conditioning systems from Waeco. This is second

DPG Transformer

For company Digital Print Group was created transformer consisting of a printing machine parts — paper roll, broaching

CePlus Card 2010

Fly over the city and throwing gifts in chimneys of houses can be very dangerous if you do not use Ceplus anti-sway system.

Pablo Motion Test

Buenos amigo Pablo! Short motion test with rigged character for eBidy — unusual online auction in which the lowest unique bid wins.

CePlus Card 2009

To build themselves a quality snowman just use Ceplus anti-sway system. This is second Cristmas e-card for company

Waeco Card 2009

Christmas card for company specializing in mobile refrigeration, power supply systems and accessories, automotive comfort

CePlus Anti-Sway

Animated offline CD-presentation with dancing cranes and matrix-like stop-motion effect for company CePlus, specializing in


Sketch site intro for one of the oldest manufacturers of porcelain. Idea of animation is that times are changing and

Kreado Logo Test

Logo animation test with using particles and shatter effects, made with Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas and Cubase.

WG Carl Zeiss Intro

Site intro animation with music for real-estate company. Camera follow on path and look at animated flyer with corporate visual.

Werl Intro

Short hand-drawn intro for site with music. Werl — company-supplier of different energy types (gas, heat, water). Classic

Elyo Card 2006

My first cartoon christmas e-card for company-energy provider Elyo made with old Macromedia Flash MX.

IDL intro

This guys create sophisticated and cool light technics. Intro animation with music was created in 2004 year for offline CD-catalog.

CePlus Card 2008

First Cristmas e-card for company CePlus, specializing in making innovative anti-sway systems for cranes. Upgrade your crane

EKL e-card

Cartoon Christmas e-card was created in 2006 for company specializing in cooler systems. And you can draw some analogies

Bernburg Intro

Flash intro for site Landkreiss Bernburg. That was times when I started to actively use easing instead of straight motion.

Kreado Card 2006

Printed Christmas card for internet agency Kreado, one of them I got by real offline mail! Below is flash-animated version with