DPG Transformer

10 Apr 2011
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For company Digital Print Group was created transformer consisting of a printing machine parts — paper roll, broaching rollers, balloons with paint, monitor for head. Transformer reading just printed himself book and learns the truth of life and general printing whole.

Transformer initial sketch — pencil, scanner, photoshop (click on picture):

DPG, transformer initial sketch.


Print machine photo (click on picture):

DPG, print machine photo.


3D transformer (click on picture):

DPG, 3D transformer.


3D transformer, other materials and views (click on picture):

DPG, 3D transformer, other materials and views.


Complete site intro with music and text effects. Transformer realizes the truth!


Bonus: simple looping dance test. Checking rig of character:


Transformer animation loop for inside pages on site:


3D meshes (click on pictures):

DPG, 3D mesh.


DPG, 3D mesh.

Also for this company was created website design, view it here. © 2008


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