02 Apr 2011
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Site design, flash animation and music recording for real estate company Bauverein Neustadt. The highlight of this site has been co-writing the music loop with my friend Max Voronkov (Plasticmask) on electric guitar and myself on bass and vsti.

View main page with animation and music. (click on picture):

Bauverein-Neustadt, main page with animation and music.


Bauverein Neustadt, inside page (click on picture):

Bauverein-Neustadt, inside page.


3D mesh (click on picture):

Bauverein-Neustadt, 3D mesh.


Bee Works Loop:

Аудиозапись: Adobe Flash Player (версия 9 или выше) требуется для воспроизведения этой аудиозаписи. Скачать последнюю версию здесь. К тому же, в Вашем браузере должен быть включен JavaScript.

You can view full site here. © 2006


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