site designs:


Site design for finance company in Central-Eastern Germany. If you are an international investor thinking about

Ondal GmbH

Site design for company which develop, design and manufacture high-quality electromechanical equipment.

Nasa SFT

Mini-site design for transport company Nasa SFT. Do not confuse the name with the space agency. Target audience of the site

Nasa GmbH

Icons and website design for transport company Nasa GmbH in Sachsen Anhalt region in Germany. This is comfortable train


Site design for a large company-manufacturer of copper.


Site drafts for Mädler-Passage in Leipzig — shops and restaurants, and also offices and exhibition areas for businesses, medical


Сompany-supplier of various energy types in region Luckenwalde. Pelicans used as a symbol of the region.

Karriereköpfe oHG

Site-shop for company engaged in the provision of services in employment, recruitment, applications and documents


Site design for real estate company. Basis of this design become a child, collecting company logo from blocks toy.

Sanitätshaus Klinz

Site redesign for the manufacturer of medical prostheses. Instead of terrible pictures of people without limbs, it was

Flexiva GmbH

Site design for company Flexiva automation & Robotik GmbH — system house for customer-focussed automation solutions


Innovative membrane filtration systems. Butterfly, passing through the membrane, cleaning apple or a dodecahedron


Site design for company specializing in DNA analysis with very high percent confidence. These guys guarantee 99.9999% accuracy.

ChiroBlock GmbH

Site design for chemical company. Visual was made with 3DS Max + Illustrate plugin and completed with Photoshop.

BioTrend GmbH

Site for company specializing in life science research and bioanalysis. I will not even try to describe what is depicted on the main


Site design, flash animation and music recording for real estate company Bauverein Neustadt. The highlight of this

Astare GmbH

Site and visuals for company specializing in non-expensive but high quality plastic surgery.


E-shop created for company specializing in making light-tech. Visual pictures made by customer illustrator.

S&U / e-Shop

Main site design and e-shop for a company specializing in innovations in various fields of medicine.


Site design for a company specializing in centralized heating systems in several places, Perleberg district.


Site design for a company that is providing good drinking water. And Midewa just attracts water!

MFT Thale

For this site I had to find biggest spanner and bolt in the storage room, then paint them with ordinary gouache. White paint

Inagen GmbH

Site design for company that engaged in life science, DNA research. DNA model was made with 3DS Max and Brazil render,

Elyo Suez

Site design with animated header for one of the leading energy providers in the world. Also for this company was made my first


Site for company specializing in waste treatment and environmental protection. As you can see, the dark balls —

idl CD

Basis for this idea has become a moth flying into the light of a good lamp. Intro animation with music, main page animation and

One of my old project. Logo and site design with flash animation for music group called “Drozdy” (Thrushes). Bayan and balalaika


Short site intro with vector 3D sequences and ambient music created with old AXS tracker in far 2004.