24 Oct 2010
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Short site intro with vector 3D sequences and ambient music created with old AXS tracker in far 2004. It was made for company Serumwerk that is famous throughout the world as a producer аnd supplier of medicines for human and veterinary use with the focus on colloidal volume replacement agents based on natural biopolymers (dextran, gelatine, hydroxyethyl starch) in Bernburg.

View intro animation (click on picture and increase volume of your speakers):

Serumwerk, site intro + sounds. Discreet Plasma 3D, AXS tracker, Flash.


Some inside page (click on picture):

Serumwerk, Inside Page


Site was redesigned later, you can view current version here.

Wonder how slowly it was to create music with this monster in compare with modern sequencers! (AXS tracker):

© 2004


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