Golem Works

Some experiment with orchestral sounds. Accurate loop allow smoothely repeat sound. Slow temp and various harmony

Santa Hologram

Some experiment in downtempo beat. Accurate loop allow smoothly repeat sound. Can use in flash cards, greetings,

Broken Bass

Experimental electronic theme with simulation of uncontrolled bass sounds. Can be smooth looped.

Energieried Logo

Logotype for company which provides energy (gas, warm and water) and utility services to the public. Stylized letter “E” in a


The company provides energy and utility services to the public. Site design was made in 2005, redesign was made in 2009.


Site sketches for real estate company. Also you can view my interior for a student hostel used in this visual.


Draft site sketch with animation for company specializing in aquarium systems and pet fish. Photoshop, Flash.

Kreado Logo Test

Logo animation test with using particles and shatter effects, made with Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas and Cubase.

RC Rail&Bus

Logo design for company is engaged primarily in the consulting field bus and rail transport lines, bonds between them


Site sketches for a large company-supplier of energy in Germany. 3DS Max, Vray Fur and Photoshop.

WG Carl Zeiss Intro

Site intro animation with music for real-estate company. Camera follow on path and look at animated flyer with corporate visual.


Logo design for company which develops, manufactures, and checking / testing of various medicines in biopharmaceuticals

VITA In-Ceram

Draft design concept for a dental company. Visual made with 3DS Max + Vray + Photoshop.

Werl Intro

Short hand-drawn intro for site with music. Werl — company-supplier of different energy types (gas, heat, water). Classic

Stadtwerke Werl

Graphic visuals, site design, flash intro for energy & public service company. Hand-drawn flash intro with music, you can

Karriereköpfe Logo

Logo designed for company engaged in the provision of services in employment, recruitment, applications and documents

Elyo Card 2006

My first cartoon christmas e-card for company-energy provider Elyo made with old Macromedia Flash MX.

IDL intro

This guys create sophisticated and cool light technics. Intro animation with music was created in 2004 year for offline CD-catalog.

Spiess Urania

Site design for Spiess-Urania, company which focuses continually on the lines of crop protection and industrial chemicals.

Mercuri Group

Draft site design for a company that provides luxury holidays, real estate and rent exclusive cars in United Arab Emirates.

CePlus Card 2008

First Cristmas e-card for company CePlus, specializing in making innovative anti-sway systems for cranes. Upgrade your crane

ACU Pharma

Logo for company specializing in milling and grinding of various materials – food additives, pharmaceutical and chemical

Kreasfero Shop

3D logotype for online e-Shop system, based on Kreasfero CMS engine. Stylized letter “e” was made for company Kreado


Site design for company-builder and real estate in Stendal, Germany. For main visual was made street clock in 3DS Max, arrows


Site design for finance company in Central-Eastern Germany. If you are an international investor thinking about

Ondal GmbH

Site design for company which develop, design and manufacture high-quality electromechanical equipment.

Nasa SFT

Mini-site design for transport company Nasa SFT. Do not confuse the name with the space agency. Target audience of the site

Nasa GmbH

Icons and website design for transport company Nasa GmbH in Sachsen Anhalt region in Germany. This is comfortable train


Site design for a large company-manufacturer of copper.


Site drafts for Mädler-Passage in Leipzig — shops and restaurants, and also offices and exhibition areas for businesses, medical


Сompany-supplier of various energy types in region Luckenwalde. Pelicans used as a symbol of the region.

Twitter Button

Cartoon animated twitter follow me buttons with three sizes (200×200, 125×125, 80×80). In archive 3x .FLA files with birds

Designer Intro

Complete, hand-drawn from 3D, design intro HTML page with XML adjustable logo, multiline slogan with tag support, colors