Kreado Card 2006

Printed Christmas card for internet agency Kreado, one of them I got by real offline mail! Below is flash-animated version with

idl CD

Basis for this idea has become a moth flying into the light of a good lamp. Intro animation with music, main page animation and

Bass Ibanez SR506

High poly model of my bass guitar on holder. Bartolini pickups. Put it in a room, and perfectly polished exotic grades

Jingle Bells Dance

Popular melody in techno style. Ideal for use in flash cards, greetings, christmas animations etc.

Jingle Bells Electro

Popular melody played with electronic timbres. Ideal for use in flash cards, greetings, christmas animation etc.

Santa Hologram

Christmas e-card loop. Santa Claus with gift and a bottle of champagne is comes through the worlds. 

Santa greetings

Christmas e-card. Santa Claus and his advanced funny deer flying on turbo-sleigh and ringing bell.

Jingle Bells Tiny

Popular melody played with music box timbre. Scratches and tiny distorted sound attach some charm like old christmas.


One of my old project. Logo and site design with flash animation for music group called “Drozdy” (Thrushes). Bayan and balalaika


Short site intro with vector 3D sequences and ambient music created with old AXS tracker in far 2004. 

TVPaint Test

Several raster animation tests in different styles made with TVPaint and then inserted in Flash. TVPaint is very cool and powerful

Student Hostel

3D interior was done together with and for my younger sister Lisa as one of the student work in an architectural college.

UHI 2003

Fun animated flash-intro for advertising agency UHI. General idea and hares characters was created by talented artist

Persona 2003

Short 3D intro for advertising agency Persona. One of my very first 3D expirience with the rotation noise controllers, path

CoffeeMan 2003

Сharacter with a giant nose and a bow tie was invented and animated for the company Largo Plus — supplier of coffee

Crazy Collages

Once upon a time I was made a little funny online greeting e-cards for some site. The idea was that a user could upload a photo