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Title Maker Kit

11 Oct 2013
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Cartoon Title Maker Kit – this is Full HD kit for Adobe After Effects that can help you create fun cartoon-looking titles without any

Medi for help

21 Feb 2012
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Give your smile for Haiti – this is small video-slideshow for a company that provides charitable medical care to affected

3D Sketcher

16 Oct 2011
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Actions pack for Adobe Illustrator CS3 and above. There 6 hand-drawn action styles (Grass, Hair, Knot, Plain, Stone and Wool)


07 Oct 2011
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Gluco-test vector presentation — device for measuring the amount of sugar in the blood. Made with 3DS Max, Illustrate plugin, Flash.

2D Sketcher

07 Oct 2011
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Vector actions pack for Adobe Illustrator CS3 and above. Generates hand-drawn styles from any text or vector graphic.

The Mirror Cube

13 Jun 2011
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Watch a little video about Rubik’s mirror cube. I try to revive cube character in this stop-motion video with it’s crazy architectural forms. Music also was especially made for synchronization with animation. Created with iPhone, iMotion HD, Cubase SX3 and Sony Vegas 9.

Suggy Animation

14 Apr 2011
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Little presentation explaining what is Suggy and how it works. Made with Illustrator and Flash.


13 Apr 2011
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Offline exhibition 3D presentations for company specializing in mobile refrigeration, power supply systems and

DPG Transformer

10 Apr 2011
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For company Digital Print Group was created transformer consisting of a printing machine parts — paper roll, broaching

Pablo Motion Test

09 Apr 2011
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Buenos amigo Pablo! Short motion test with rigged character for eBidy — unusual online auction in which the lowest unique bid wins.

CePlus Anti-Sway

08 Apr 2011
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Animated offline CD-presentation with dancing cranes and matrix-like stop-motion effect for company CePlus, specializing in

Kreado Logo Test

07 Apr 2011
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Logo animation test with using particles and shatter effects, made with Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas and Cubase.

WG Carl Zeiss Intro

07 Apr 2011
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Site intro animation with music for real-estate company. Camera follow on path and look at animated flyer with corporate visual.

Varikon 7×7

05 Apr 2011
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In this category, I will post a short overview videos of coolest puzzles from my small collection. Periodically I get new toys, from my frends or just buying them myself. Almost all of them I can solve, but some puzzles still not be done by my low-speed brain microprocessor.


05 Apr 2011
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Periodically, I have a need to leave my desktop computer Krista switched on for a long time. When she render animated 3D scenes or download something big from internet. In this case, I’m just turning off the monitors and go to ride a bicycle. And to make it clear to my families that