Santa Party Kit

– File Overview –

3D Kit for creating greetings animations with several already animated characters.

– Features –

  • Santa rigged and skinned with standart 3DS Max biped. Eyes blinking cycle with look-at constraint can animate by just target moving.
  • You can use own biped or keyframe animation for Santa.
  • Animated DJ Snowman with IK bones in hands and headphone’s cable. Animated acoustic system.
  • Animated jumpin’ tree with GI-generated toys.
  • Tuned fire created with FumeFX plugin and SuperSpray particles.
  • Fine tuned scene with camera and target motions along path, fog and light effects, animations timing, Vray render settings etc.
  • Easy merge any object with your own scene.
  • Archive also include original Flash CS3 (.fla) file with complete sounded movie with vector snow, preloader and start/stop buttons.
  • Sounded with original soundtrack (included wave 44100kHz/24bit).
  • Detailed help file.

– Note –

All textures are included. Created with 3DS Max 2008, Vray 1.5 RC5 and FumeFX 1.1 Enjoy and Happy New Year!

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