Santa greetings

This animation made using the outdated Adobe (Macromedia) Flash technology and can include old ActionScript 2 or 3 code. Since Adobe stopped supporting Flash, you can download sources of these animations for free and edit this file with Adobe Animate. 

– File Overview –

My first Activeden Christmas flash card. Santa Claus and his advanced funny deer flying on turbo-sleigh and ringing bell. Text on flag can be customized via external text file without editing source .fla-file.

– Features –

  • Customized text on flag can be easily edit without recompile *.fla by correcting external text file (see help.txt in archive).
  • Adjustable font size and color from external text file.
  • Mixed techniques of animation: classic cartoon frame-by-frame animation and motion-tween animation.
  • Used only vector shapes in animation and can be flexibly resize.
  • You can easy copy and paste any parts or whole animation to your own project.
  • Two versions – for Flash 8 and Flash CS3.
  • 25 fps.

– Files Included –


– Date –

October, 2009

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