Teen Girl Pack

This animation made using the outdated Adobe (Macromedia) Flash technology and can include old ActionScript 2 or 3 code. Since Adobe stopped supporting Flash, you can download sources of these animations for free and edit this file with Adobe Animate. 

– File Overview –

Set of character movements made with Poser and vectorized in Flash. Different parts of character is separated movieclips for easy recolor.

– Features –

  • Set of 12 silhouettes movements, fine vectorized and separated by elements.
  • You can change any colors or effects in any part of teenager (hair, eyes, shirt, pants, skin, shoes, headphones and shadow).
  • Fully vectorized and finished by handwork allow flexibly resize animation with fine quality of trace.
  • Just copy/paste animation movieclip into your project and change style using filters or blend modes.
  • Four footsteps (slow, fast, run, in phones) and three camera points of view (front, side, right).
  • 4 color variations (like in preview) and headphones sound loop also included in archive.
  • In all there 13 different FLA files in archive (animations + color variations).
  • 24 fps.

– Files Included –


– Music Loop –

– Date –

April, 2010