Sculptor Card

This animation made using the outdated Adobe (Macromedia) Flash technology and can include old ActionScript 2 or 3 code. Since Adobe stopped supporting Flash, you can download sources of these animations for free and edit this file with Adobe Animate. 

– File Overview –

Animated and sounded flash card. HTML page template with XML custom external music and adjustable multiline greeting text block with tags support. Animation with parallax effect centered in browser window.

– Features –

  • Parallax effect depends from _xmouse.
  • Ready to upload index.html page with animation centered in browser.
  • Easy to use, you can music file and greeting text without recompile original .FLA file.
  • MP3 sound included in archive.
  • Fully vector.
  • Two .FLA versions, for Flash 8 and Flash CS3.
  • Version without XML also included in archive, just all-in-one-file animation.
  • Help file.
  • 30 fps.

– Note –

Free font GoodDog not included in archive file, you can download it by link provided with help file.

– Files Included –


– Music Loop From Intro –

– Date –

January, 2011

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