– File Overview –

Vector actions pack for Adobe Illustrator CS4 and above wich allow turn your vector objects in cool hand-drawn sketchbook style.

– Simple To Use –

1. Open template with all styles and patterns.
2. Load actions.
3. Paste your logo or vector objects, select it.
4. Play action and wait for Draft-O-Matic finish.

– Tips For Better Results –

Ballpen, Pencil, Aqua better work on fills, blob brushes, any expanded shape forms without strokes. Feltpen, Marker, Mad Plotter better work on strokes, with standart brush, pen, pencil, line tools etc.
Good way is to experiment with different tools and techniques!

– Features –

  • 6 styles – Ballpen, Pencil, Feltpen, Marker, Aqua, Mad Plotter.
  • 4 paper types – Graph, Cell, Note, Just.
  • Vector quality.
  • Easy to recolor and edit.
  • Usable as Vector Smart Object placed in Photoshop.
  • All graphic from preview included in archive with original vectors for your tests and experiments.

– Files Included –

AI – illustrator template
AIA – illustrator actions
TXT – help file

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