Spirograph Loader

This animation made using the outdated Adobe (Macromedia) Flash technology and can include old ActionScript 2 or 3 code. Since Adobe stopped supporting Flash, you can download sources of these animations for free and edit this file with Adobe Animate. 

– File Overview –

15 shapes preloaders pack based on spirograph principle. Multicolor design have different versions for dark and white backgrounds.

– Features –

  • 15 spirals types x 5 different colors for 2 types of backgrounds (light and dark) = 150 different *.fla files.
  • Each preloader weight from 10kb to 16kB.
  • Ready to use, just copy/paste and change color/filters if you wish (see help.file).
  • Fully vectorized and can be flexible resized.
  • Fine quality looped spiral sequences let use them in other animations in different combinations.
  • System font for percents text.
  • Detailed help file in FAQ-style.

– Files Included –


– Date –

February, 2010

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